The owner, Mr Choi, is Violin Maker and graduates of the Chicago School of Violin Making. We pride ourselves on being able to handle a wide variety of repairs on instruments and bows. From simple repairs to fine instrument restorations, all repairs are done in the shop by Mr Choi. 

  • New Bridge
  • New Sound Post
  • Bow Rehair
  • New Fingerboard
  • Fingerboard Glue
  • Fingerboard Plane and Sanding
  • Neck Adjust
  • Neck Graft
  • Tailpiece Replacement
  • Endpin Replacement
  • New Pegs
  • New Nut
  • New Saddle
  • Open Seam
  • Chinrest Replacement
  • Sound Post Set
  • Sound Post Crack
  • Sound Post Patch
  • New Bass Bar
  • New Graduation
  • ​Varnish and Touch Up Work
  • String Exchange
  • ​Clean & Polish and more...

7461 La Palma Ave #B , Buena Park, CA 90620

               PHONE  714-798-2232

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​Orange County Violin Shop